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New River Bluegrass

There Was A Time

The band takes its name from a stretch of the New River which originates in North Carolina. Together since 2004, the current band is Barry Long (banjo, resonator guitar), Michael Johnson (guitar), Dwayne Brown (bass), Chuck Price (fiddle), Michael Mullins (mandolin), and Andy Smith (guitar). This a project of mostly Gospel tunes with a couple of original selections that include Barry Long’s “In The Shadow Of The Mill”, and “In The Lord’s Will Again” co-written with Andy Smith. Chuck Price add his “Southern Rail” to the song list which also has “Faith Of A Little Seed”, “Welcome Home”, “Hole In The Ground”, “The Scars You Can’t See”, and Living Water”. The CD title comes from their version of the Dillards’ “There Is A Time”. All of the members take turns on lead vocal and all help out with the backing harmonies. Instrumentally the group is quite good and this is a nice new effort from this North Carolina outfit.