Bluegrass Unlimited - Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band - I Wish My Life Was Like MayberryRODNEY DILLARD & THE DILLARD BAND
Rural Rhythm

After 28 years performing in Branson, Mo., Rodney Dillard has formed his new Dillard Band. Taking his musical adventures from his days as a member of TV’s Darling Family on the Andy Griffith Show and his membership in the groundbreaking Dillards bluegrass band, Rodney and the new band is reprising many of the songs from that era when things seemed a lot simpler—just like in Mayberry.

The project is a wonderful collection which includes “The Darlin’ Boys” and “There Goes The Neighborhood,” both songs commemorating those backwoods boys, and of course “There Is A Time” which was performed three times on the Griffith program. Dillard favorites include “Dooley,” “Doug’s Tune,” “Salty Dog Blues,” “Ebo Walker,” and “Banjo In The Hollow,” all from those great Dillard years which included brother Doug, Dean Webb, and Mitch Jayne.

Musicians and singers on the project include Steve Bush, George Giddens, Tim Crouch, David Creech, Boone Carlin, Beverly Cotton-Dillard, and Brian Dillard. Rodney’s current band is: Rodney, guitar; Beverly Cotten-Dillard, banjo; George Giddens, fiddle and mandolin; Shane Lail, bass; and Patrick McDougal, banjo. Also included on the CD are five excerpts from Rodney’s Mayberry Minute radio program with some interesting philosophical observations. (Rural Rhythm Records, P.O. Box 660049, Dept. D, Arcadia, CA 91066, BF