Bluegrass Unlimited - Wayne Taylor And Appaloosa - Out In The Middle Of NowhereWAYNE TAYLOR AND APPALOOSA
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Wayne Taylor is a songwriter and storyteller. Here, he gives us some fine stories and well-constructed songs. His backup band is where they have to be when they need to be there. When not singing his own songs, he has picked some dandies from other writers. “Southern Rail Road Line” and “The Wages Of Sin” from David Parker are strong pieces.Two fine songwriters who are no longer with us provide some great songs. Lester Flatt is tapped for three numbers and Jake Landers’ “Secret Of The Waterfall” all stand well with Taylor’s five originals. The inclusion of “Ole Slew Foot,” as well-played as it is, is probably the weak point of this project.

The band is solid. Emory Lester’s mandolin shines from the jazzy splash it makes on the opening title cut, throughout the whole project. Lee Marcus punches up the sound with his banjo and Kene Hyatt ties it all together on bass.

This is a fine program, rich in interesting songs that tell stories without preaching or delving deeply into the realm of songwriter angst that shrouds so many new songs in some coded mystery. If you enjoy bluegrass with a folky edge, this project will find a lot of playing time. ( RCB