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Bluegrass Unlimited - New Outlook - Prepare To Believe

New Outlook - Prepare To Believe

No Label, No Number

This is a pleasing mix of new-country songs and original material. New Outlook is anchored by the Ohio-based team of bassist Lori Lyn and banjo player Brad Lambert, both powerful vocalists. Right from the opening version of the country hit “Somebody’s Knocking” and continuing through “Wish You Were Someone I Loved” and “Love’s Not Everything,” New Outlook knocks on the door of an enjoyable CD.

Especially impressive is how Lyn and Lambert have melded their sidemen into a well-arranged, flowing ensemble. There’s been a lot of thought and care put into this music. Their original material especially shows such creativity, as witness the standout tracks “Bullet Through The Heart” and the bluesy “Baby, Look Out.”

This is a group that can bring out the best in other people’s material, but also create their own songs with style. This is an impressive recording from the band. They’re bound to go further in the future. (New Outlook, 102 E. Benton Apt. #1, Wapak, OH 45895, www.newoutlookbluegrass.com.) RDS