Mark Delaney - Sidecar

Mark Delaney - Sidecar


Patuxent Music

Even with his extensive list of experiences, having played with regional favorites Patuxent Partners, Badly Bent, and the Good Deale Bluegrass Band, as well as with Randy Waller & The Country Gentlemen, the name Mark Delaney may not ring any bells for some listeners, but this banjo picker makes his sonic mark on the listeners’ memory with his new album.

Drawing inspiration from the Kentuckyborn grandfather that taught him the banjo and from his father, a jazz critic, Delaney builds on the Scruggs style with fantastic single string work as well as innovative melodies. Although he builds on the foundation the outcome is still deeply rooted in tradition. Along for the ride in this “Sidecar” are a group of likewise tradition-minded musicians: Barry Reid on bass, Audie Blaylock on guitar, Jesse Brock on mandolin, and Michael Cleveland on fiddle.

Song choices run the gamut from classic bluegrass (“Baby Blue Eyes,” “Fireball Express,” and “Black Diamond”) to classic country (“Six Days On The Road,” “Who Done It?”). Being as this is a banjo picker’s album, there are some great instrumentals, five of which were written by Delaney. It is within the range of songs that Delaney shines. While many players would want to make it known that it is their solo album, Delaney takes the opposite tact and lays back to the point of being unnoticeable on many of the tracks that feature vocals.

One of the fun things about a musicians’ solo album is the addition of guest vocalists. In this case, Delaney brings along some of his picking buddies and bandmates to showcase some fine regional talent that might not be familiar to people outside of the area. Singers Charles Thompson, Bryan Deere, Rusty Vint, John Miller, Tom Mindte, Dede Wyland, and Clarke Howard bring variety to the album. (Patuxent Music, P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848, CEB