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Thomas Wywrot - Everytime I Walk This Road

Thomas Wywrot - Everytime I Walk This Road

Right Good Records
RGR- 0001

Thomas Wywrot is a guitarist, banjo picker, and singer from Ontario, Canada, who got the bluegrass bug at a young age. He played in a family band before heading south to become yet another successful alumnus of East Tennessee State University’s bluegrass program. Wywrot then went on to play with the Boohers, Mark Newton, and Alecia Nugent before settling in with the Isaacs. On his new solo album, “Every Time I Walk This Road,” Wywrot’s guitar, banjo, and harmony singing talent is backed by a stellar cast of musicians who cohesively round out his musical vision.

On this album, Wywrot chooses to sing harmony while letting others take on the lead vocals. Alan Bartram steps up to sing lead on three songs while Daniel Salyer sings lead on six other cuts with Bartram’s vocals being the stronger of the two. While Salyer hits the notes just fine, his voice is more smooth than powerful and it helps that he is backed by good harmony singers like Wywrot, Bartram, Laura Keel, and Alecia Nugent. The best way to describe this album is it is a sum of its parts, a collection of original and traditional songs where all of the various pieces successfully come together to produce some fine contemporary bluegrass. And, there is a positivity about this album that flows from Wywrot that is refreshing.

Wywrot’s guitar playing is tasteful and sweet. Backing him up instrumentally on the album is Bartram, Jason and Jeremy Chapman, Jim VanCleve, Randy Kohrs, Jesse Stockman, and Ashby Frank. Highlights include three original Wywrot tunes including two new instrumentals, “Meat Eater” and “F.T.L.” Salyer brings two original songs to the plate and there are other tracks written by Carter Moore, Ben Winship, Kevin Welch, as well as Michael Martin Murphy’s “Carolina In The Pines.” (Thomas Wywrot, 604 Harpeth Pkwy. E., Nashville, TN 37221, www.thomaswywrot.com.)