Bluegrass Unlimited - Dehlia Low - LiveDEHLIA LOW
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Are you sure this is a “live” CD? It’s hard to tell from the practically flawless performances of this Asheville, N.C., string band. On this third disc from the quintet, listeners are treated to performances recorded during the 2010 concert season at southeastern venues the Grey Eagle, Down Home, and Mockingbird.

Thirteen lucky tracks on the CD showcase the group’s songwriting talents, engaging vocal performances, and the strong instrumental chops of Stacy Claude on guitar, Anya Hinkle on fiddle, Bryan Clendenin with mandolin, Aaron Ballance on resonator guitar, and Greg Stiglets on bass. Stiglets lays down a solid rhythm accompanied by Clendenin’s skillful chopping and right-on-target mandolin breaks. Hinkle delivers a killer vocal interpretation on “Over Yonder In The Courtyard” followed by the band’s instrumental slam dunk performance on “Climbing Devil’s Pass.”

My one minor regret about the disc is that it doesn’t come across as a live CD. Except for a smattering of applause near the end of the tunes, who would know it wasn’t in the studio. Kudos to the sound crew, but I’d like to hear a little more feel from the concert scene. This CD definitely goes into my rotation.(Dehlia Low, 322 Riverview Dr., Asheville, NC 28806, BC