Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand - All The Good SummersANDREW AND NOAH VanNORSTRAND
Great Bear Records

This CD of contemporary acoustic/alternative folk music from brothers Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand showcases the siblings’ creative energies at their best. The multi-talented performers do it all on All The Good Summers, a blend of oldtime country and bluegrass, swing and jazz, Celtic and contra, and alternative folk-rock. The VanNorstrands wrote the music and lyrics, produced the CD, and put their fingers into overdrive on a variety of instruments. Andrew (vocals, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitars, octave mandolin, banjo) and Noah (vocals, fiddle, mandolin, tenor guitars, acoustic guitar, and percussion) also brought in Noah’s wife Kailyn on vocals, Dana Billings and CV Abdallah on drums, Rachel Bell on accordion, Kevin Dorsey on acoustic and electric bass, and Pete Sutherland on piano, keyboards, and pump organ.

Love permeates this album with “bye-bye” love (“Faded To A Dream” and “You Are The One In My Dreams”), just missed love (“Love And Winter”), and love separated by class distinction (“Elinor”). Kudos to the guys on their magnificent instrumentals including “The Wasp’s Goggles,” “Lady Pole (Or A Night At LostHope),” and “A Song For Reverend PD Midget III.” They wrap up the 11track disc with “Where Should I Go”—a song that my five-year-old shouted for “again!” and “again!” It’s just the accolade any musician wants to hear. (Great Bear Records, 1509 Co. Route 57, Fulton, NY 13069, www.andrewandnoah.com.) BC