Remington Ryde - Grandpa Was My GuideREMINGTON RYDE
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In their sixth recording, Pennsylvania’s Remington Ryde covers Charlie Moore’s tale of impending murder with “Her Last Breath.” A more ominous song can scarce be named. The danger with such songs is that making the song believable and not campy or corny requires a storyteller’s sense of timing and emphasis. Charlie Moore certainly had that sense, and so, too, does Remington Ryde and its principle lead singer Ryan Frankhauser

“Her Last Breath” is chillingly believable and a standout track on an album full of good songs performed in a straight, traditional style. Seven of the thirteen tracks are originals. One of those is Billy Cox’s “Clinch Mountain Backstep”-style banjo instrumental, “Shady Maple Quickstep,” while the other six were penned by Frankhauser. His “Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie Sorta Kinda Broken Heart” has a clever chorus of rapid wordsmithing that counters the bemoaning of loss and leaves you wondering if the sufferer is all that suffering. At other times, he gives us the extreme sadness of a mother’s plea for “One More Day” with her dying child, the ache of lost love in “I’m Half The Man,” and the title tune, an ode to his grandfather.

Frankhauser’s songs don’t quite match the band’s covers of the Charlie Moore tune and Pete Goble’s “Silence and Pain.” Those have a classic quality difficult to match. Still, this is a recording of good songs played with attention to and love of tradition and underscores why Remington Ryde is a popular band in the midAtlantic region. (Ryan Frankhauser, 4648 U.S. Hwy. 522 N., McClure, PA 17841, BW