The Farewell Drifters - Yellow Tag Mondays

Heart Squeeze Records

It’s been a difficult process writing this review of the Farewell Drifters’ “national debut” album, because I can’t stop playing the first three tracks. “Love We Left Behind” starts the disc with a gentle twin guitar attack from lead vocalist Zach Bevill and lead guitarist Clayton Britt followed up by gorgeous, soaring harmonies along with tasty fiddle from Christian Sedelmyer and tasteful backing banjo from guest Trevor Brandt.

“Everyone Is Talking” is more reliant on Brandt’s swinging rhythm while showcasing Bevill’s confident, engaging vocals and more great harmonies. (Mandolinist Joshua Britt and bassist Dean Marold are also credited with vocal backup, but there’s not a trackbytrack breakdown of who sings what.) The third track is a stunning arrangement of the Beatles’ “For No One” that sounds like a collaboration between Simon & Garfunkel and the early Seldom Scene.

That should be enough to grab you, especially since the rest of this inventive 14track, 44minute effort follows in the same vein, with the band’s 13 original compositions reflecting additional influences like Brian Wilson, the Byrds, John Hartford, and Nickel Creek. There’s even some great bluegrass here in the tracks “Virginia Bell,” “Somewhere Down The Road,” and the instrumental “I’ve Got Your Heart In My Hand, And I’m Gonna Squeeze.” (Farewell Drifters, 1145 Fernbank Dr., Madison, TN 37115, AKH