And The Winner Is… Alan Bibey

Bibey insideAnd The Winner Is… Alan Bibey
By Alan Niederland

The anticipation was indeed palpable. Music awards shows can be dry affairs, with either a ho-hum sense in the offing or with foregone conclusions having deadened any sort of spontaneity presiding over the winner’s circle. The 2019 IBMA Awards night, hosted in Raleigh, N.C., at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts on October 1, 2019 was of a different hue, however. This year, a name was being bandied about in the final cut for Mandolin Player Of The Year, a name for which any serious fan of bluegrass music and of the particular instrument itself would immediately elicit an “Of course!” After all, the mandolin is so integral a part of bluegrass, due to its provenance tied to the Father of Bluegrass, that one can hardly imagine a band not having one. And the group of nominees for the award itself read like a who’s who of prominent pickers that everyone knew. Up for consideration for the coveted award were no less impressive artists than Sierra Hull, Ronnie McCoury, Sam Bush, Frank Solivan, and Alan Bibey.

As the presenter was unfolding the envelope, there was a buzz in the crowd. Would it be a repeat winner? Would the name be a complete newcomer to wear the crown? Then the reading: “The winner for the 2019 International Bluegrass Music Association’s Mandolin Player Of The Year award is Alan Bibey!” Read entire article »

And The Winner Is… Alan Bibey
By Alan Niederland

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By Tim Newby

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Professor Dan Boner
By Derek Halsey

Ronnie Reno Retires From The Road
By Bill Conger

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